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PL 500 - Wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lift for less able persons

Platform wheelchair lift for wheelchair users and less able people. The PL 500 is screw-driven and has a lifting speed of 0,15 m/s. Our lift can be used for multiple applications such as serving as a disabled lift as it fits a wheelchair or regular passenger lift in smaller premises. This platform wheelchair lift features electrical mechanical interlocked doors and has a lifting capacity of up to 500kg. If needed, this lift can be customised both in width and length to suit tight spaces, also for outdoor use.

Suitable applications include homes, offices, schools, shops, day nurseries, hotels, restaurants, etc.

A major advantage of the NAMI Platform Lifts, whether goods or wheelchair lift, is the ability to have non-standard platform dimensions to suit specific projects, maximising the use of the available space. This has proved very useful with Occupational Therapists in domestic situations, where the user has specialised wheelchair requirements, our wheelchair lift can be designed to fit those needs.

The PL 500 is a freestanding lift with a shallow pit and no requirement of a headroom.

All our lifts are in compliance with part M (2010) of the Building Regulations.

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Popular features;

  • Freestanding lift (doesn't have to be mounted to a structural wall)
  • The lift has a shallow pit
  • Doesn’t require any headroom
  • Door activated light relay
  • Tidy and durable panels

Standard Equipment

Drive system          Screw-driven
Lifting capacity       500 kg
Lifting height         0-13 m
Lifting speed 0,15 m/s
Electrical connection 1-phase 240V 16A
Platform 1100x1600 mm (can be custom built. max 2 m²)
Shaft 1400x1700 mm, 1400x1800(macro)
Pit or Ramp 50 mm
Doors A1 with electrical lock, 900x2000 mm
Surface treament Plastic film laminated hot galvanized sheet plating
Frequency Control Standard
Colour                      Dobel 1072 Broken white


Shaft panels in safety glass   3 sides
Glass doors Yes
Fire-proof doors Yes
Power door operator Yes
Emergency telephone Safeline MX2 Yes
Stainless Yes
Different Colour Other Dobel colour
Key Control Yes
School control Yes
UPS backup Std
Remote controlled infra link Yes
Other door size


Other platform width/length              Yes Maximum 1200x1700 mm
Outdoor variant Yes